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Friday, May 27 @ 2:02 AM
UP we go

hellos .. to mye dear friend ..

i am back to post ting have anyone reading mye post nw ? haha

tis few month got so many ting happ ):

at march mye bf go db mean army prision till dec 5 den come out .

march also found a job call etube house and i knw a girl call may ..

she is mye baobei nw .. everytime we got ting we will share ..

and .. i am waiting mye bf to come out but i dk he will choice mi or ?

i scare i will be dumb as waiting he wont have any touched .

nw i am waiting his letter ): finally i knw his address liao .. haha

nw i am waiting tis sunday coming .. cuz is mye girlf bday party .

maybe i will saw her like passenger ?? hais .. and ijus bought a small laptop fer myself .

hahahas .. sianxz . tmr work mornire again ... diedie ):


awaiting of june 18 cuz i will be gg msia celebrate mye ah gong bday :)

i no happy of waiting of mye bday ): hais ..

bye :)

Thursday, May 12 @ 8:14 PM
UP we go

i got so long nv be post anything over here ..
i very confuse & dk hw .
he is inside nw i only can waiting his letter ..
and i dk he come out realli will come find mi ? or he will go back to his ex .
i very diasssopint & angry of him & his parent . i dk wad his parent nw .
hais . i only can wait fer letter seee how .. hope every day time can go fast ):
i still cant walk out him ):! imisshim ):

Sunday, January 2 @ 12:35 PM
UP we go

hellos i am back to update my blog ..
haha :) cuz last few day i am busy :) !
uhmm .. last week xmas day :) last min baby call mi ask mi go orchard meet him .
den headed down to burberry pub with his friend boon chung :)
den we see thai singer & dance :) 1st time going there feel lols :)
den mii & baby drink till like a drunk couple . den chnage place to th other side find his friend .
drink abit den take cab down to his hse & sleeping till th next day .
and new year 31/12/2010 last day of 2010 liao :)
mii & baby go vivo city see firework den headed down to clarke quay with his friend .
den we go a pub call DE OVEN . th pub so bored .
actually we wan to go burberry but full liao . den we change place to holland v pub .
keep waiting cab don have . den his friend frm holland v cab down to
fetch us back to holland v ..
at holland v market drink yet i nv drunk . my boyf & his friend drunk still can go han's eat .
den baby pei mi come back my hse . he sleep awhile den wakeup go work liao .
uhmm .. today jus nw go blk 539 new market eating steamboat alone .
th steamboat got lot of dishes so yummy & full :) ! den i don wan to put th egg in .
cux i don like eat egg is shen de plus th egg wang is water :X so i bring th egg go hse .
give ah ma to cook she so shocked ! so laugh lols :) !
now waiting baby to wakeup call mi , i am bored !! ):
goodbye :)!!
happy 2011 new year everybody . still got 1 mth to cny liao .
this year going msia 4/5 day ! OMG i will miss my baby ): uhmm .
i am waiting cny & v day coming ! haha :)!

Tuesday, December 21 @ 5:07 PM
UP we go

im bored bored now !! ahhhh .
from tmr i will go find & go interview job .
i don wan to wait and wait liao .. i don wan to be lazy anymore .
i don wan to waste my time stay at hse doin nth .
i wan have job & work to earn money and more .
fer new year clothe & V day present fer baby .
so i must do it & prove it now ...
waiting fer baby come meet mi later .
wait till i wan to crazy cuz i am freaking bored !!!
later maybe will go someset the icing room D.i.Y cake with baby !
cuz offer nw jus $10 i think so .. i got th voucher !
uhmm .. goodbye .
i start thinking are you understand wad th feeling on now !! ):

Saturday, December 18 @ 5:07 PM
UP we go

i love tis drama guy in break out ! :D
i am so bored now ! jus nw baby come and meet mi at my hse :D
fer helping mi upload itunes but my comp sot sot cant ):
nw he go work .. i am bored ): mum havent come back home ..
now watching back : the magician of love :) hehes !
2 more day to count down liao :) i so happy but i feel very sorry ):
i got no money to buy present fer bi ): hais ..
also count dwn fer xmas day coming ..
lastly hope that i can get a job soon ;X
gooodbye :)

Friday, December 17 @ 9:28 PM
UP we go

nw hope have a part time job to work ..
stay at hse so bored ): jus nw went to watch tron 3D movie with baby .
very nice show :) hahaha . th skyline movie damn nice to watch also :)

lastly , i love my boyfriend ! <3>
goodbye !

Sunday, December 12 @ 3:25 PM
UP we go

hellos . im back to update my blog :)
i have so many month nv update liao , hehes :)
uhmm . i am so bored now ): bf is working nw .
seriously idk wad to post lor .
i hope everything will be fine & my hair pls grow long faster .
next time or cny i will go hightlight & dye my hair colour again to light colour :x
goodbye :)

Wednesday, June 30 @ 10:25 AM
UP we go

hellloss im back to update mye blog , i don know wad to start say .
cuz i have very very long never be update liao .
laugh !! uhmmm , start frm th pic bahh .
12 june :)
mii & baby go out , we go marina square take quit of doremon & win a fan :)
baby do th quit win fer mii , hahahahas :) so happy max !
den we walking to marina bay sand th new bridge & casino :)
we at there take some pic den take bus 106 to ah ma home rest.
june 16 my birthday :)
guiqing & sihui went down to bedok mac that sec sch mac near mye ah ma home .
i tot they buy a toy or wad present yet is a cake .
im so surprise & touched to mye heart worsx !! ~
1st time got friend buy cake fer mii , feel cry :X
buy i realli thank guiqing & sihui :) went down celebrate mye bday :D
den come back home bath & prepare baby come meet mii .
we go his home rest in th end never go out , actually got :X
last sunday something happened make mii dispointed & sad ):
haiiisssssss !! ~
now at ah ma home later going buy newpaper find jobs .
i don want stay at home damn bored .
i want have jobs have money buy thing den i wanted !!
ytd till now i havent sleep , haiisss .
baby sleep like a pig manxz !! im bored like hell ):
haiiissssss ... im hungry now i havent eat th whole day liao ):
hahahahahas (^~^) woaini mye baby !!
so fast that i & baby alrdy 6 mth liao . hahahas :)
but i very sorry of him lot lot ): haiiss .
going 7 month in next month !! mei bday coming soon liao how ??
uhmm , i end here :) goodbyes everyone .
lastly , i realli love mye baby deeply & cherish th memorise i with you!! (^~^)

Wednesday, June 9 @ 10:24 AM
UP we go

helllossss . jus come back home at 8smthing plus .
later still need to go work worsx , i have 2 day never sleep liao .
ytd nite ton at baby home , i just sleep 2hours only , jiu wakeup watch movie at lappy .
till mornite come back home .
silly baby so cute worsx , i cut mye hair short he say nice don let mii go out :x lols .
so sweet worsx , hahahahhass .
mye bday coming liao , hahas :)
goodbyes .
i super super love you more than YOU !!
i love mye baby , limjunjie .

Tuesday, June 8 @ 12:52 PM
UP we go

mye new hair cut :)

Friday, June 4 @ 1:21 AM
UP we go

Helllosss everyone , im back to posting mye blog nowww .
just come back ah ma home :) hahahaas .
uhmm , last week keep working , and working 2 shop lor .
lucky got baby come down help mii , thanks (:
wenesday is mye girlfriend guiqing birthday !!
happy birthday to you !! your present owe you 1st kk (: loveya !
today is mye baby birthday worsx !! hahahas .
happy birthday to my baby , iloveyou max !!
goodbyes .

Monday, May 24 @ 3:53 PM
UP we go

hellosss !! now i currenlty working using lappy playing .
finally , tmr off day go hse take thing , den wed , thurs , fri working .
im working sliver kristal n shoes shop working at holland v :)
damn tired lor , that all .
goodbyes , i miss mye classmate !! :( i miss sihui .
love mye boyfriend .
R.O.M ?? hahahassss :)

Sunday, May 16 @ 1:46 PM
UP we go

this baby girl very cute rite , hahas .
is not mine luhhs , is mye boyfriend jie baby just born out at last mth 22 .
her name call : ting xuan :D
i have very long never update blog & fb liao .
now staying at ah ma home , so bored !! haiiss .
tmr going work , hahahahahas .
goodbyes .
Happy 21th birthday to baby jie jie michelle !! :D

Friday, April 30 @ 5:16 AM
UP we go

eephelloossss everyone !! im back to update blog .
hahahahahas now alrdy 5plus liao i still havent sleep :)
now im saying something here ,
is mye fault to let mye friend worrying of mii , i very sorry of it :)
if you did not know th back full story about wad pls shout up your pussy luhhs !!
now mye parent allow mii liao , now im finding jobs now . pls intro mii :)
and baby jie born a girl out at 22/4 , very cute lor !! hehes :)
i will asking thing by myeself .
maybe you think everything you're best in , like xxx .
haiissss , goodbyes .
tmr meet lover , happy manxz !!!
need job nowwww !!! hate you pussy !!

Wednesday, April 21 @ 11:58 AM
UP we go

i will not going back ?

Wednesday, April 7 @ 1:06 AM
UP we go

this sunday will be moved home to ah ma home .
hw i wish i can moved to boyf home & stay lor .
den i will be a good girl of daugther lor , haiiiss .
pray hard my parent let lor :X
haiiissssss :
goodbyes .

Sunday, April 4 @ 12:56 AM
UP we go


Sunday, March 28 @ 2:28 AM
UP we go

today baby very good to mye mum !! :D
he wakeup at 8plus so early just fer come serangoon eat breakfast with mye mum .
also meii but she going out liao . den we go eat mac breakfast .
den mii & baby go bugis at 111plus going 12 bahh .
den take bus 133 tuhh bugis den go iluma cinema buy Kidnapper ticket start at 1.05 pm .
so we go arcade buy mario car game & touch touch game .
den go watch movie liao , Kidnapper quite touching & abit scare let mii teardrop lor :X
after movie we go bugis stress shopping , mii & baby buy couple tee :D
bbay buy polo tee & pant , i buy a shirt this inside th pic :D
den we decide go the cine take neoprint , finally take neoprint with baby .
damn happy max manxz !! neoprint pic wil be upoad by tmr bahh .
den near cine there selling shirt & other also have animation ppl .
mii & baby go take a look & taking pic with them .
cool max !!! i like manxz !! wahahahahhaha XD
den have some quarrle , den baby send mii home .
i reaching home ard 8 plus , den keep going toilet non stop .
now mye backside damn pain siia !! ahhhhhhhhh )X
im going sleeping liao , tmr meeting mye baby worsx .
i recieve good progress award letter , i get $400 !!
damn happy happy max like hell !! wahahahahas XD
monday i will going school with baby going take cheque .
get th money i can return friend money & other luhhss .
goodbyes XD
hope tmr will be a happy day !!
BiBi , im sorry to you lot lot x 100000 ~~
i love you x100000000000000 in mye heart !! ``